History of the SMHL

The Hispanic-Lebanese Medical Society (SMHL) was created as a nonprofitable scientific organization, with the purpose of occupying a featured place in the research world as well as in the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases.

The origins of forming a Spanish-Lebanese medical society in Spain owns to the restlessness of a group of Spanish Doctors of Lebanese origin, based in Spain, of promoting scientific knowledge and developing medical and research activities and aid to young doctors. It will also help bring socio-cultural ties between the Lebanese and Spanish people.

The idea of this society begun in 2015 after several meetings at the Embassy of Lebanon in Madrid. With the support of the Charge d’Affaires Doña Joumane Khaddage Zahalan, it was decided to form an Association of Hispanic-Lebanese Doctors in Spain. The founders are as follows in alphabetical order:
Dr. Abbas Nahnouh Awada, Dr. Ahmad El-Asmar, Dr. Akram Abdallahdr, Dr. Badih El Hindi, Dr. Bahjat Assaf, Dr. Hussein Nehme, Dr. Maroun Abou Samra, Dr. Marwan Damaj, Dr. Michel Saad, Dr. Mohamad Haidar, Dr. Moussa Wazne, Dr. Samir Salha and Dr. Ziad Abou Hamdan.

After countless meetings and the exchange of opinions regarding the formation of this society and the thorough study of the statutes, in 2016 one last informal meeting was organized and a board was appointed to carry out the procedures and records of society. This board of directors is:
Dr. Bahjat Assaf (President), Dr. Ahmad Asmar (Vice President), Dr. Musa Wazne (Treasurer) and Dr. Ziad Abou Hamdan (Vice President 1st and Secretary).

After accepting the charges, and after all the long, arduous and time-consuming procedures and after several meetings with the Ministry of Interior, Treasury and registration of companies, finally on the 22nd of June of 2016 the Spanish-Lebanese Medical Society was born. It was enrolled in RNA, Section1o National No 610256 and NIFG87491296. Once the society was formed, a first general meeting was summoned at the first general meeting of the board of directors and new members were incorporated to the board. In this same act, Doña Joumane Khaddage Zahlan was appointed as President Honor and the prestigious doctors Dr. Hani Mhidle and Dr. Mahmoud Shukair as honorary members.
The current board of trustees is composed of the board members mentioned above plus the members, Dr. Abas Nahnnuh, Dr.Ali Chitly, Dr Amer Ramal, Dr. Mohamed Salami Badreddine and
Dr. Ali Assaf.

From the first general meeting henceforth begun the development and activities of the society.
As the president of SMHL, I will do everything possible so that in the time of my mandate this society will obtain the expected promising results.

Dr. Bahjat Assaf. President

History of the SMHL (PDF)