Letter of president

Dear friends and colleagues of the SMHL,

the SMHL finally has its website. After the first attempt to make the website, and after several meetings of the board of directors, a definite decision was made to implement a comprehensive modern approach. This led to the achievement of this project, which became a reality.

In an era where people are spending more time on the internet, creating and maintaining a website is not an option but rather a strategic need.
The website will allow the board and partners to actively interact with physicians and the public, permitting a wider diffusion of the SMHL. This website will be available 24/7 and will be a platform for physicians and public to communicate and interact.

It is a much more economical investment than other means of communication. It is sustainable, adjustable and intends to work in the long term in aims to increase its worth in a national and international level. It is also a platform that can instantly reflect the professional and institutional image of the physicians who compose it.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who collaborated in the preparation of this project, allowing its achievement. I also thank the computer engineers for their valuable technical and human support. This project could not be achieved without the professionalism and commitment of the staff of the Board Directors.

My best regards to all SMHL members and to readers and followers of this society.

Signed Dr Bahjat Assaf

Letter of president (PDF)

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